What is HOManiacs about? What benefits do I get from joining HOManiacs?
Please refer to the About Us section of this website.

When will the membership recruitment drive open again?
Recruitment Drive will be open in November every year (with the exception of ad hoc situation). The duration of each drive period is only ONE MONTH. No new applications will be accepted during other times.

How come I don’t seem to be able to find the link to click on for the membership application online form?
If the link is not active or if you can’t find the link, it most probably means that our membership recruitment drive is closed at the moment.

Must I buy the club T-Shirt?
Yes. One must buy the T-shirt to be eligible to join the club as a member.

Must I wear the club T-Shirt at all events?
In most situations, yes. The club T-Shirt is something like an ‘identity card’ to gain privileges/access during events/promo.

Do I have to pay additional charges for the T-Shirt to be posted to me?
No. The RM45 paid for the T-Shirt includes postage & packaging fees.

When is Leehom coming to Malaysia to promote? When is his new album going to be released?
We usually update these information on the website & facebook as soon as we get confirmations. So please look out for news regarding upcoming events/albums on our website & facebook from time to time. If it’s not there yet, it probably means we don’t even know yet. So be patient.

How come the club committee doesn’t help organize privileges for fans out of KL?
Please understand that no organizers are willing to give privileges to groups of very small numbers. And that is the case for outstation members, such as when Leehom goes to promote in Ipoh or Penang. We do continue to strive for privileges for outstation members no matter how many times we have been turned down.

Why isn’t the club organizing fans gatherings annually?
Organizing a fans gathering requires a lot of time, effort and money. Based on previous gatherings’ turnouts, we have found that it may not be necessary to have one every single year. Thus, we are looking at increasing the gap between each gathering, in hope of gathering more fans at the same time instead spreading them out.

How will I know my privileges as a member when Leehom has promotional events/concerts in Malaysia?
The best way is to look out for updates and information on our website as frequent as possible, especially when closer to the date of the event. Other than that, we will send out emails to the addresses under our mailing list database to inform all members who have provided us with their email addresses.

I am already a HOManiacs member, but I haven’t been receiving anything from the mailing list!
Please email your full name, new IC number and your email address to homaniacs@gmail.com. We will then check whether the email address we have on our database is correct.