About HOManiacs
HOManiacs – The Malaysian Leehom Fanclub is a part of the Leehom International Fanclub base, which homes all the official Leehom fanclubs around the globe, including Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, USA, Australia and Thailand. This, thus, further enhances the notion of ‘Music Has No Boundaries’. The strong integral link between all international Leehom fanclubs strive to provide Leehom fans with more up-to-date and direct information concerning Leehom’s news and his music.

Founded in 1999, HOManiacs Malaysia is committed to gather Leehom fans in Malaysia, to provide our members with relevant information, and also to do our part in promoting and supporting Leehom’s music as well as his events in Malaysia. With major support from Sony Music Malaysia, we are definitely committed to doing our best within our capacity, to serve the greatest benefits for our members. We ‘speak for our members’ in whatever best way we can to achieve the greatest privileges we can get, but it is also logic to bear in mind that we are not the ‘speakers in control’, thus not all privileges should be taken for granted to be as one wishes.

HOManiacs Malaysia club activities include:
The grouping of members during the various Leehom’s promotional events in Malaysia to provide a united support The planning of members gathering events occasionally to gather members, and to exchange/share information and experiences with other Leehom-enthusiasts.

"Though based in Kuala Lumpur, HOManiacs Malaysia has members from all over the country. As such, information flow within the club is done mainly through the Internet to increase efficiency, and also as part of our notion to reduce cost and to be environmental-friendly. This is executed through regular updates on our official website, through our online discussion forum, as well as through our mailing list."